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The NONchuk board provides a way to interface joysticks and other devices to the RetroMax. The intention is to use the I2C port on the NONchuk to connect to the Nunchuk interface on the RetroMax (or CMM2).

The NONchuk allows the Nunchuk port of the RetroMax to connect to joysticks and several other devices. Since there are a variety of different devices that can be connected, the NONchuk uses a MicroMite chip (the '170 with MMBasic installed) to run code for the task.

The NONchuck has a console port that can be used as the serial interface for programming the MMBasic code specific to how the NONchuk will be used.

The NONchuk features:

• Based on MMBasic '170 so it can be user re/programmed
• Support Atari (digital/switch) joystick
• Support PC (analog/potentiometer) joystick
• Operate as I2C slave interface
• Operate as serial interface
• Support 16 key keypad
• Support rotary module
• Support analog joystick module

The NONchuck board could also be used as a stand-alone MicroMite ('170 chip) board. For example it could be used with a joystick and various pins from the microcontroller could control relays, LEDs, etc.

The NONchuk has an on-board 3.3V regulator if the source power for the board is 5V. The board will work from either 5V or 3.3V. The MicroMite on the board runs at 3.3V. If 3.3V is present to the board the power LED will illuminate. Power and ground connections can be found on several of the connection points.

On either side of the NONchuk microcontroller (MicroMite) are a row of connections that connect one to one to the 28 pins of the MicroMite. These provide simple/easy access to all of the MicroMite pins.

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