RetroMax Ordering Options

The CircuitGizmos RetroMax is a printed circuit board (PCB) about five inches by five inches. When ordering the RetroMax you can order just this PCB, or you can order the RetroMax with an enclosure.

The enclosure is listed on the CircuitGizmos site as “RetroMax Slim Enclosure with Accessories”. As of today’s date the accessories that come free when you get the enclosure are a small reset key (much like the ones supplied with cell phones) for poking into the front panel reset hole as well as a USB cable for powering the RetroMax from a PC.

The Slim Enclosure for the RetroMax you may recognize as an altered case for an external USB DVD device. Below you can see the case next to a 5.25″ floppy. Note the sticker I stuck on the case that looks much like a TRS80 badge.

You can, as an option, order the RetroMax PCB and also a base for “open” mounting that has standoffs and rubber feet.

The RetroMax mounted on this base makes it easiest to add additional electrical circuits. The connections on the back, such as the two Nunchuk controller connections are accessible with the board in the enclosure. The 40 pin rPi connector is accessible as well. But with the PCB on the base instead of in the case, the footprints for the Arduino Shield, the sea-of-holes, and other features have easier access for custom circuits.

More options available when you order the RetroMax include headers for the shield/mikrobus layout, an ESP8266 for wifi experimentation, a mini solderless breadboard for circuitry, some variety jumper wires, and an I/O guide and socket specific to the RetroMax use of the 40 pin interface port.

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