Call for Keyboards

The RetroMax (and for the Color Maximite 2 that the RM is based upon) uses a USB keyboard connection that should work with many USB keyboards. What I’d like to do in this post is to ask you for the make and model for any keyboard that you use that works with the RetroMax. And any that don’t…

There have been issues with some keyboards. Often this is solvable with a better power source. Some keyboards draw a lot of current and the RetroMax would need to be powered from a reliable power source through a quality USB cable.

Generic R260 Suspension 7 Colorful Backlit 104 Keys ...

The RetroMax will accept a standard USB keyboard including most that have a wireless dongle for the USB connection. Note that you cannot use a USB hub on this port or keyboards that have a built-in hub.

When the keyboard is connected or on startup the RetroMax will enumerate the keyboard and if this is successful the SD card activity LED will be solidly illuminated. On the first access of the SD card the LED will revert to its normal action (illuminated during SD card access).

Below is a list of keyboards that work as well as some makes and models that have issues.

Keyboards known to work well with the RetroMax:

• Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard
• Logitech Wireless K800
• Rii i8 BT LED Backlit Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
• Logitech K400+
• HP sk2885
• Lenovo KU-0225,
• Microsoft 600
• HP ku0316
• no name mini ds3000
• no name mini R260
• Havit HV-KB390L
• Logitech K120
• Microsoft 600 wired keyboard
• Logitech K780
• Logitech K260 wireless
• eSYNiC touch pad keyboard wireless
• Ducky Shine 2014 Year of the Horse Mechanical keyboard
• ADX RGB Mechanical keyboard (60%)
• Zar Mechanical keyboard TKL
• “Tecbean” gamer keyboard
• Perixx PERIBOARD-426 Mini USB Keyboard 
• DELL SK-8115
• HP KU-0316
• Cherry G84-4100

Keyboards with issues:

• Logitech Wireless K410
• Wired Raspberry Pi keyboard
• K750 solar powered logitech wireless keyboard
• No Name k670 backlit
• Dell sk815
• No Name BIG Hi-Vis Yellow buttons

Please leave a comment to this info post with your keyboard information to help improve this list. If possible please mention which RetroMax/CMM2 system it was tested on and firmware version.