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HomeDomination supports the USBPIR sensor as a triggered input for home/business automation. Multiple USBPIRs can be used with HomeDomination.
HomeDomination is now completely free to use. Download the installer from the link below and use the install key for the full, feature-rich version: 5FT1VMBBNB6KNRP5N23FMV47XJD6P6J75010SCAB339AC5EASAYNPJM

Home Domination Setup file - 7MB

Home Domination is a feature packed home automation software package, and the Ultimate Espresso version is for the person who wants to rise above limitations, and perhaps bounce off the walls a little. It has all the capabilities of the Video and Remote Special Blend, but you can have up to eight video devices and up to five simultaneous remote clients active at any one time. You can set up unlimited user accounts to precisely control access.
Feature List

Supports the U401, U421, U451, USBPIR USB interfaces.

More than one type of controller can be used at one time if necessary. So macros can be created to trigger an X10 device when an input is received from a U401 (for example).

Any house codes and unit codes for X10 devices can be used at one time. There is no limit to the number of sensors and switches that can be added. Each switch can be associated with a security level, so only people with a high enough authorization can control them.
Macros (make it do things by itself)
. Quick Macros – Macros that use a single sensor to control a switch can be quickly added without knowing about the full capabilities of macros. You can easily switch to a normal macro from a Quick Macro window.
. Triggers and actions
. Triggers:
.. Time
.. Sensors – Trigger from sensors from any of the supported interfaces.
.. Activity – Trigger based on the activity or lack of activity for a variety of sensors.
.. Group
. Day/Night triggering
. Actions:
.. Control Switches
.. Delay – Lets you delay before the next action.
.. Beep – Lets you make the computer beep from a macro.
.. Play Sound – Lets you play a wave file from a macro.
.. Email – You can send email, or buffer email data to be sent later using another macro.
.. Alert – This will display a pop-up message on a particular remote network client, or on all remote network clients that are attached.
.. Video Snapshots – This lets you snap a picture, or a series of pictures, from a macro.
.. Run – Lets you start a program, display a web page, or do virtually anything else that you can do via Start / Run. You can even start processes on other computers that are using the remote network client.
.. Start / Terminate Macro – A macro can start other macros, or stop other macros that are in progress.
.. FTP – Easily copy files or video snapshots (using static file names) to a website or anything that supports the FTP protocol.
Video monitoring
Several X10 cameras can use the same USB device.
Video snapshots are stored to the hard drive for later reference and the file names are marked with the date and time of when they were taken.
You can store the snapshots to static filenames with a prefix, so the latest snapshot will always have the same name, and the same with the second latest and so forth.
Automatic cleanup of video snapshots – Video snapshots can be automatically deleted after they are past a certain age, or more than a certain quantity, or both. You can also choose the cleanup interval.
You can choose to have a Date and Time stamp displayed directly on the snapshot along with the video name if desired.
Save the video snapshots as JPEG, GIF or BMP files.
Remote Access
It can monitor email for commands and send responses. Email commands are nearly natural language, where it keys of certain words and ignores what it doesn’t understand.
The remote network client can be used on your network or from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
If the connection is lost for any reason, it will retry until it reconnects.
If users are set up, they will not be able to log on without a valid user id and password.
The remote client allows to control switches, view and snap pictures from video devices, monitor sensors, and manually start and stop macros as long as the user is set up with that authority.
Control from the remote client is in real time.
The main control program can send messages to a remote client and even start programs on the remote client.
Can be controlled from other programs using Command Files. A command file uses the same format that email commands use.
Temperature Sensors
The current temperature is shown in the sensors tab
Temperature can be shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
A log entry can be made when the temperature changes by an amount you specify (like every degree or every 5 degrees, for example).
Macros can be triggered based on the temperature value being less than, greater than, or equal to an amount that you specify.
Two macros can be used to act as a thermostat when used to control a heating device.
Control IO boards for low voltage wiring applications
Supports the U401, U421, U451, USBPIR.
Can be used both for sensors and for switching.
Can be used to trigger macros and control switches from macros.
Can be used to control X10 devices by triggering a macro which controls the X10 devices using any of the X10 controllers.

The setup file is downloadable from this page with permission of StrandControl. For more information, please see:

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